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Windmill, museum and science centre

Green’s Mill is a restored and working 19th century tower windmill in Nottingham, UK. In the early 1800s it was owned and operated by the mathematical physicist George Green (1793-1841).

Never heard of George Green? Not too many people have, even though he was one of the most remarkable scientists of his – or any other – age.

You can visit his windmill and, when the wind allows, see it working and buy our award-winning organic flour.

In the small Science Centre next to the mill you can discover the remarkable story of George Green and his achievements and experiment with the things that fascinated him, such as light, electricity and magnetism.

Restored in 1985 by Nottingham City Council, the windmill is run on behalf of the City by the Green’s Windmill Trust, a registered charity.

You can now donate online to help keep the sails turning.

A slab to commemorate George Green, mathematician and physicist

About George Green

A brilliant mathematician and physicist who made many discoveries about electricity, magnetism, light, sound and wave motion.

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Green’s Windmill Trust

The Trust is a charitable company working to preserve the heritage of the mill and promote the work of George Green.

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Entry is free to the Mill and Museum!
Climb the windmill, experiment like a scientist, see our garden and shop.

A Journey Through Time

The History of Green's Windmill

Originally built in the early 19th century, Green’s Windmill has is a notable landmark in Nottingham. After falling into disrepair, it was meticulously restored in the 1980s to its former glory and now operates as both a working windmill and a museum dedicated to the science of milling and the life of its original owner, scientist George Green. Today, visitors can explore the mill, learn about traditional milling techniques, and even purchase flour milled on-site.

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