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In our interactive Science Centre discover the remarkable story of George Green, and experiment with light, electricity and magnetism.

George Green was a mathematical genius. His work led to the invention of MRI scanning machines and has helped scientists up to modern day.

Try out your skills on our fun science activities.

Inside Green's Windmill Science Centre
View of the mind and body zone at Green's Windmill Science Centre
Child using the magnetic chaos activity in the Green's Windmill science centre
Activities and experiments to use inside Green's Windmill science centre
Two children using the puzzles at the Green's Windmill science centre

A Journey Through Time

The History of Green's Windmill

Originally built in the early 19th century, Green’s Windmill has is a notable landmark in Nottingham. After falling into disrepair, it was meticulously restored in the 1980s to its former glory and now operates as both a working windmill and a museum dedicated to the science of milling and the life of its original owner, scientist George Green. Today, visitors can explore the mill, learn about traditional milling techniques, and even purchase flour milled on-site.

Children on a platform looking down inside Green's Windmill

More things to do at Green’s Mill

Entry is free to the Mill and Museum!
Climb the windmill to see amazing views of Nottingham.
Experiment like a scientist, see our community garden and visit our shop.

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We have lots of events happening all year round at Green’s Windmill.
Baking and fun activities during school holidays, science workshops and history walks as well as our seasonal fayres and more.