Become a Volunteer

Green's Windmill really needs more good people to ensure that it continues to thrive and develop. If you have useful skills and experience and think that you might like to join us, we would love to hear from you.

Here are some of the activities where you might contribute.


Educational sessions at Green's WindmillProviding educational opportunities for all ages has always been at the heart of what we do. Could you work with us to develop new educational activities, promote them to schools and other organisations?


Do you have experience of bookkeeping and accounting procedures? We need someone to assist our Treasurer to receive grants and other income, make payments, pay the two staff employed by the Trust and prepare accounts for annual examination. Not the most glamorous job but so essential to keeping the show on the road.


Flour in the Green's Windmill ShopThe Trust has an associated trading company that manages the sale of flour and souvenirs at the Mill. This is a vital source of income for us. But we think that we are not making the most of a great brand (who doesn’t love a windmill?) Do you have the experience in retail to develop and extend our trading, e.g. through web-based sales and increasing the product range?


A group of volunteers and staff smilingWe could not stay open without our wonderful volunteers who greet visitors, work in the shop/reception, assist our millers, maintain our Community Garden and do all manner of other useful jobs. Would you like to help us to co-ordinate the team, recruit more volunteers and assist with their induction and training?

PR and Publicity

The miller being interviewed by a journalistIt is essential that we tell the world what we do, where we are and why they should come and visit us. Our visitors range from local people who enjoy our various events and activities to scientists from all over the world who know about and use George Green’s mathematics. Could you help us write and disseminate press releases, manage and contribute to our social media, edit and distribute our popular occasional Newsletter?


Fundraising is a perpetual activity for us as grants and other donations are our life blood. We know that there is money ‘out there’. Do you have the tenacity to ferret out potential sources of funds and to work with us in making grant applications? Again, not a particularly glamorous job but, oh, the satisfaction when the money rolls in.


Do you have connections with the local – and national? – business community? Since the project to restore Green’s Mill started in the 1970s we have been supported by many businesses and organisations. Could you be an ambassador for us to continue to raise our profile and elicit further support?


Old painting of Green's WindmillAt Green’s Mill we have an extensive photographic collection as well as many documents and other resources relating to milling and to George Green. Are you an ‘organiser’ who could help us make them more accessible at the Mill or on our website?

Something else?

Green's Windmill Staff dressed in Victorian clothingPerhaps you would like to play a part in helping us by becoming part of our very friendly team but don’t feel that any of the above would suit you. We would still love to hear from you and have a chat about what we might do together. As was once said of us, there’s lots of housekeeping to do but occasionally we have a party.

The Way Forward

Interested? Then please contact our Heritage Development Officer Jamie Duff at Green’s Mill who can arrange for you to meet with our trustees, staff and volunteers, have a tour of the Mill, a cup of tea and a chat.

t 0115 9156878

Reasons to Volunteer With Us

We have won a number of awards with our volunteers, including the very prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, the MBE for voluntary groups.

There’s lots of good reasons why volunteering with us could be good for you – and for us. We find that our volunteers get a lot of satisfaction from working with us, some have gained in personal confidence, others have moved on into employment, many have made new friends.

Volunteers in the Community Garden