Visit the Windmill Shop


During your visit to Green's Windmill why not pay a visit to the museum shop?

Green's Windmill ShopThe Green's Windmill award winning organic flour, a range of books, scientific games and toys are available to buy, along with a selection of drinks.

Buying flour

Our flour has won the top prize four times (and a couple of second places) in the National Organic Food awards in recent years.

As well as wholemeal and an extracted ‘white’ flour, we also mill spelt, rye flour and oatmeal. These are available from the Mill shop and you can also get them by mail order. Your best way forward is to talk to our miller Andy Hallam or our Heritage Officer Jamie Duff on 0115 9156878. They will be able to tell you what flour we have available (it does vary according to grain supplies, the wind and the like), the costs and how it can be delivered.

Here’s the current price list

100% Wholemeal
General purpose wholemeal flour for all your favourite home recipes:
1.5kg - £2.75
3kg - £5.00
12.5kg - £18.50
25kg - £35.00

Strong white flour made from our 100% wholemeal
1.5kg - £3.25
3kg - £6.25
12.5kg - £24.50
25kg - £47.50

100% Wholemeal Spelt
An ancient species of grain
1.5kg - £3.50
3kg - £6.50
12.5kg - £25.00
25kg - £48.50

White Spelt
1.5kg - £4.25
3kg - £8.00
12.5kg - £31.00
25kg - £60.00

Wholemeal Rye
Strong rye flavour - add to other flour to make rye bread
1.5kg - £2.75
3kg - £5.00
12.5kg - £18.50
25kg - £35.00

Medium Oatmeal
Makes lovely, creamy porridge or can be added to flour for oaten bread
1.5kg - £3.00
3kg - £5.80
12.5kg - £22.25
25kg - £42.50

Organic Middlings
£1.50 per kg

£1.00 per kg

Organic Animal Feed
£5 for 25kg

As we use traditional machinery and methods to produce our delicious flour, please give as much notice as possible for larger orders, thank you.

Contact us to order and collect in store.

How To Create A Sourdough Starter

Hands holding a bowl of sourdough starter

If you want to start baking sourdough, you need a starter. People are often surprised by how easy it is to create your own. All you’ll need is organic, stoneground wholegrain flour and water.

The Sourdough Club have provided a great recipe and instructions for creating your own sourdough starter.

Download the sourdough starter recipe here (pdf)